Why Exams?

Goal Setting ~ Progress ~ Confidence Building

At Make Your Mark Dance we strongly believe in the benefits of exams.   We follow and teach the Royal Academy of Dance syllabus for ballet and the ADAPT syllabus for tap and jazz.   Following a syllabus and set curriculum means that each child is working to their personal potential while following safe dance practice.
Safe progression is so important in dance, as we are dealing with young minds and bodies.  We want them to progress safely for both their physical and mental health.  Having a certified and professional  dance teacher is of the utmost importance.  They are trained to understand what is healthy development for each age and the differing abilities of each child.  Injuries can occur when a dancer is working on technical elements that are too much for their body to handle.   Correction from the teacher is key, so the dancer can gain the muscle memory needed to perform each new step properly.

Why examinations?

  • Examinations are a way for the parent, dancer and teacher to see how an individual student is progressing.  Students are marked on their individual merits in an exam. 
  • Examinations are a memorable experience and present an opportunity for students to be critiqued and evaluated by professional dance masters and examiners on a yearly basis.
  • Examinations teach a dancer about personal responsibility and the importance of perseverance. 
  • Examinations encourage each and every student to work harder, in order to develop their own best personal potential and to help them maintain that potential throughout the dance training years.
  • Examinations are certified and successful candidates receive certificates and a report/marking sheet.
  • Examinations help a student to develop better technical discipline and encourage proper and professional grooming.
  • Examinations allow students to enjoy a better sense of confidence and help to develop a positive attitude, supports good competitive values along with enhancing stronger performance abilities.
  • Examinations offer young dancers the opportunity to gain recognized qualifications that will serve them well in a career in dance as well as being of value later in life when considering further career development.  These are great life skills for a career in or out of the dance world.
  • Examinations are not mandatory but are recommended and encouraged by all teaching staff.

We are so proud to be able to offer our dance families a professional dance education.  Part of our vision for the studio is to provide professional dance training in a caring atmosphere.  We aim to help our dancers learn responsibility, accountability and discipline while still nurturing their love of dance. 


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