“OUR MISSION is to foster the CREATIVITY, CONFIDENCE, and CHARACTER of our dancers through the ART OF DANCE.

By focusing on each dancer’s unique abilities, we help them grow into productive thoughtful people both on and off the stage. We offer classes in pre-school, combo, ballet, jazz, tap, lyrical, musical theatre and modern/contemporary! Our all-adult staff recognizes that each child that walks through our doors is unique. We pride ourselves on ensuring that every student feels valued and are all treated with equal respect. We offer classes for both recreational and intensive dancers, with all students receiving the same quality instruction.



  • No weekend rehearsals (except for our once per year choreography weekend)
  • Blocked Class Schedules to make the most of our time together
  • Dancers have time to take part in school activities, and/or part-time jobs
  • Our competitive dancers dance a maximum of three days a week (four if they take part in exam classes)


  • We focus on intrinsic motivation – to improve for our own selves, not for awards or approval
  • Personal bests instead of “being the best”
  • Progress over perfection
  • Corrections and feedback given with kindness and without judgement
  • Love of dance comes first!
  • Celebrate wins!
  • Dream big AND set smaller, achievable goals to get there


  • We focus on building relationships between our students, teachers and families
  • Encourage our dancers to inspire and positively push each other
  • Foster relationships between older and younger dancers
  • Smaller class sizes so there is more individual attention and easier to get to know one another

At Make Your Mark we help our dancers find their strengths and develop their passions for dance and the arts. Using discipline through positive reinforcement and encouragement we work to find and develop each dancer’s potential.


At Make Your Mark we help our dancers find their strengths and develop their passions for dance and the arts. Using discipline through positive reinforcement and encouragement we work to find and develop each dancer’s potential.

Meet our dedicated and amazingly talented teachers.

Over 25 years experience!

• Age appropriate music, costuming and choreography

• Certified in Royal Academy of Dance and ADAPT syllabi.

• Module One Certified in Acrobatic Arts.

Owner & Director

Meagan was born and raised in Saskatoon Saskatchewan. Her love affair with dance started when she was five years old, and only grows deeper with each passing year. Growing up Meagan found her dance home at Juliette’s Dance Centre. It is here that her true passion for dance, and eventually teaching, blossomed.


Tap, Jazz, Lyrical & Contemporary

Patrick McGratten started his training at the age of three, under the direction of Juliette Perrey-Perez and Meagan McGratten, at Juliette’s Dance Centre in Saskatoon Saskatchewan. Over the years Patrick has trained in many forms of dance including – Jazz, Tap, Lyrical, Ballet, Hip Hop and Musical Theatre. 


Non-Competitive, Pre-Competitive & Musical Theatre

With over twenty-four years of dance training in a multitude of disciplines including Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Musical Theatre, Contemporary, Lyrical and Hip Hop as well as fourteen years of teaching experience at the recreational, competitive, and examination levels, Miss Nikky is no stranger to the stage. She started performing at the tender age of five and did so professionally for ten years, four of which she spent performing internationally!



Trinity Beattie has been dancing since the age of 3 in many styles such as jazz, ballet, contemporary, modern, and lyrical. However, the one she is most passionate for is Hip-Hop. She has trained from well known choreographers like Tony Tzar, Denzel chisolm, Lyle Beniga, Fefe Burgos, Dexter Carr, Ysabelle Capitule, Julian Deguzman, Bailey Sok, Kenny Wormald, Natalie Bebko, Brian Nicholson, Kolani Marks and many more.



At Make Your Mark Dance we believe in offering a very high standard of quality dance training while trying to keep each individual’s goals in mind, regardless of age or level of ability. Our primary goal is to provide the very best learning experience in a fun yet professional environment. Our teachers are fully accredited and have many years of professional teaching experience.


Make Your Mark Dance fosters a feeling of family and sense of community. We support the Central Alberta Dance Community and have supportive alliances with other Central Alberta Dance Studios. Through these alliances new ideas, resources and dance information is shared.

Everyday brings a chance for you to draw in a breath, kick off your shoes, and dance.


Each and every family and dancer that walks through our doors is greeted with smile. There is a family atmosphere here where everyone gets to know each other and helps one another!

• No student teachers
• No hidden fees
• Payment options available
• Independent fundraising society

hip hop dancers trio

Dance is a poem in which every movement is a word


Team building | Life skills | Leadership qualities

Many of our dancers continue studying dance professionally. Some graduates of our studio have continued their dance education at Alvin Ailley in NYC, The ITP program at Harbour Dance in Vancouver, Canadian College of Performing Arts in Victoria, to name a few.


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