1) How much do your dance classes cost and what time are they held?

Classes are held during the school year, so our season runs from September to the 2nd week of June.  We run on a 37 week season, so your tuition fees for the 37 weeks are divided equally over 10 months -due on the 27th day of the previous month.  ie) September’s tuition is due August 27th.

Our tuition fees depend on the programs you are interested in.  Please follow the links below for the appropriate pricing:

Pre-School and Non-Competitive

6 Week Programs


2) What classes do you offer or are best for a child new to dance?

We offer classes in pre-school, ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop, musical theatre, lyrical, contemporary, acro, stretch and strength.

For brand new dancers we highly recommend ballet as it helps provide a strong foundation through its focus on posture, alignment, balance, grace and discipline. Tap is also very important as it teaches musicality and rhythm, both very important qualities in dance education.

For our competitive dancers we offer exams in ballet (Royal Academy of Dance) and jazz and tap (ADAPT syllabus).  Please see our blog on why we feel exams are important for our dancers.

Why Exams?

3) What is competitive dance and why should I consider it for my child?

Built to help the dedicated dancer, enrich their dance education through a variety of opportunities ie) exams, competitions, workshops, trips and community performances.  New MYMD dancers are evaluated for level compatibility before registering.

Competitive dance helps further develop confidence, team work, strong work ethic, discipline, time management and how to deal with both success and disappointment positively.

4) How do I know if my child is ready or suited to start dancing competitively?

If your child is already dancing with us, their teacher will suggest joining our competitive programing when they are ready. 

Generally you know your dancer is suited to competitive dance when they are always practicing and wanting to improve.  When they are asking for more and more dance, that is also a good indicator!

5) Do you offer dance classes for adults?

While we are primarily focused on children and youth dance, we do offer adult classes from time to time in 6 week sessions. 

Our next session is for Adult Ballet and begins January 10th 2022!

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