The Importance of Being on Time

Being on time for dance class is an important part of dance class etiquette.  While we understand that sometimes things come up that make arriving on time difficult,  arriving to class not only on time but early is essential.
When a dancer is early to the studio they are able to settle in before heading to their first class.   Being early allows them to change into their dance attire, go to the washroom before class, fill up their water bottle, have a quick healthy snack and mentally prepare for their dance day.  This is also the time they can catch up with their friends and have a quick visit, as dance class is for dancing not chatting 😉
Being consistently late to class disrupts the teacher, the students and the flow of the class instruction. A dancer who is late, is missing out on the valuable warm up and may open themselves up to injury. 

Arriving early to the studio is obviously the best choice, but if you must be late please make sure to do the following:

  • Knock on the door of the studio.
  • Wait for the teacher to open the door.
  • Apologize for being tardy. 
  • Enter the studio quietly.
  • Find your place in class, being as nondisruptive as possible.

Being on time (and early) is showing respect to your teacher, your fellow dancers and yourself.  You are setting yourself up for success and that is a great thing!


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